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LaFond School in Haiti

The first time I visited Haiti was with my friend, Father Kibby. On that trip, I was the solo dentist for a medical mission team. Since that trip, I have visited and worked in Haiti as a mission dentist on multiple occasions and in various areas. The Haitian people are especially loving and unforgettable.

Eight years ago, I helped start a school with the Meance Family. We started with 20 children, and today the enrollment is over 230 students.

Within the first 18 months of our school, we had three young students die from malnutrition. This caused a redefinition of the mission of our school. No longer were the teachers, textbooks, and building most important. We had students coming to class who were dying and unable to learn because of a lack of proper nutrition.

Today the children receive a meal each day they come to school. The money to fund the meals comes from varied sources. All donations to help with the nutrition program will be accepted with thankfulness.

Contact our office for more information on the Lafond School or Mission Possible. 615.889.6816.

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